Anne’s Reads

Real World Job: Finance extraordinaire

Favorite Genres: Mystery, Chicklit, Fiction

Other Interests: Travel, working out, cooking, eating, coffee, singing in my car

Here you will find the complete list of my books for 2010. It will grow as the year progresses. This is a “quick look” of the books and their ratings (out of 5 stars) for your convenience.

1. The Beach House 3.5 Stars

2. A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian 4 Stars

3. Long Lost 4 Stars

4. Circle of Friends 2.75 Stars

5. Friends Like These 5 Stars (Yes seriously)

6. It’s Not That I’m Bitter DNF

7. Baking Cakes in Kigali 4 Stars

8. Three Junes 2.5 stars

9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 4.5 Stars

10. Dune Road 3 Stars

11. Ground Up 3 stars

12. The Manny 3 stars

13. The New Yorkers 4 stars

14. My Fair Lazy 3 stars

15. This One is Mine 3.5 stars

16. The Lost Symbol 3.5 stars

17. Marcus of Umbria 5 stars

18. Sizzling Sixteen 4 Stars

19. It All Began in Monte Carlo 3 Stars

20. U is for Undertow 3.5 Stars


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