The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol follows Robert Langdon on yet another adventure to decode historic symbolism to try and save the future of society and what we believe.  This book follows Langdon over a less than 24 hour period, to save his dear friend and Freemason, Peter Solomon from death, while trying to ensure the sacred secrets of the order are not exposed to the world.  Langdon is drawn to Washington D.C. to give a last minute lecture, by whom he thought was his good friend Solomon, upon arrival he learns it wasn’t him but someone who wants to expose all the truths behind the Freemasons.  This person goes by the name Mal’akh.   However not all as it seems and this person is actually from their pasts, someone they thought they’d never see again.  Mal’akh uses Langdon and Solomon’s sister Katherine throughout the novel to try and decode the ancient symbolism so he may reveal to the nation the secrets of the masons.  Langdon’s main concern throughout the novel is to save his good friend, however when the CIA immediately gets involved its revealed things are more serious than they seem. 

This book was an easy read, especially for its length.  I will admit I enjoyed it but it reminded me somewhat of National Treasurer, only there was no huge fortune at the end to be found, just a simple ‘lost symbol.’  Brown has the great ability to draw readers in and keep you guessing, and this book was full of action and twists and turns that will keep you entertained.  If you enjoyed Brown’s other novels you will definitely enjoy this one and I recommend you add it to your beach reading list.


Next Book: Marcus of Umbria


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