The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

For some strange reason I never had an interest in this book based solely on its title.   I had passed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson at the library or at a book store many times but never had the desire to pick it up.  But one day I realized how ridiculous (I shouldn’t be scared of a title!) I was being and read the synopsis of the book and decided I might enjoy it.

The story takes place in Sweden, its main character is Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist recently convicted of the libel of Hans-Erik Wennerstrom.   Shortly after his conviction Henrik Vanger, the head of one of wealthiest families approaches him for a special assignment.  Forty years ago, his niece Harriet disappeared and assumed dead.  Vanger wanted to know how she died and who committed the murder.  Blomkvist moves to from Stockholm to Hedestad, where the Vanger family resides, to try and crack the case.   In return he will give Blomkvist information to confirm his previous accusations about Wennerstrom, which will help restore his reputation and career, and save his magazine, Millennium.

Blomkvist utilizes the help of social outcast Lisbeth Salander (the girl with the dragon tattoo) to help him in his research into the disappearance of Harriet.  Salander who is under the supervision of the state is an expert hacker with a photographic memory.  She has social issues and finds it hard to get along with people but is surprisingly able to work well with Blomkvist.  She assists him not only in cracking the mystery of what really happened to Harriet but also saving his life when they get close to solving the mystery. 

This book is written brilliantly and what happened to Harriet is shocking and I won’t lie hard to read at times.  Larsson creates such depth in his characters and keeps you wanting more, I found it hard to put the book down once I picked it up ( I definitely recommend this for those long summer days at the beach).    There are many surprises and unexpected turns in the story and the ending is expertly written and satisfying.  If you enjoy a great mystery as I do this is a must read book. 


Next Book:  Dune Road by Jane Green


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