This One is Mine

In This One is Mine by Maria Semple, Violet Perry has it all. The music executive husband, the gorgeous house, the healthy baby, everything she could imagine, except for her happiness. One day while running errands, she meets former drug addict, alcoholic, and musician, Teddy Reyes. Reyes makes Violet the way she hasn’t felt in years and finds herself thinking of him the time. Violet dares to dream of where their relationship could go and thinks of how life could be if they live together. Mean while, Violet’s sister-in-law Sally, is discovering a new love in her life. She believes she has found the perfect man and marries him, until she realizes one secret about him and she immediately wants the marriage to be over. But is either woman making the right decisions? Could they be happy if they follow through with what their heart says?

 This book is interesting to me because I felt like both women put themselves in situations that created their own unhappiness. It wasn’t their husbands that made them unsatisfied with life, it was their own actions. I found myself annoyed with both characters throughout, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this book. Its chic lit but with a twist. If you are looking for something different I suggest you pick this one up.


Next Book: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown


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