Keeping me entertained

I can always rely on Jane Green for some classic chic lit to get me through these rainy April days and her latest novel, Dune Road, doesn’t disappoint.  It takes place in Highfield Connecticut, an upper class suburb, where the men are into the financial times and working late, and the women enjoy yoga, expensive jewelry, and their Range Rovers.  Kit, a recent divorcé from her Wall Street husband, is starting her life over.  She has bought a smaller house for her and their two children in the same town to not disrupt their lives.  Her eighty-three year old neighbor Edie, who as the energy of a twenty year old, introduces her to famous author,Robert McClore, and she becomes his personal assistant.

At nearly the same time two new people enter into Kit’s life, one a long lost sister she never knew existed, and an extremely handsome man that lavishes her with gifts and compliments.   Kit believes that stars are in her favor because so many good things are going right for her until things start getting strange.  Her best friend Tracy starts dating her boss and doesn’t tell her about it and avoiding her all together.  She has a suspicious that her ex husband may have the hots for her new found, younger sister, and this new man in her life is too good to be true. 

The ending is somewhat lack-luster but I feel that is how her books are, they just kind of end.  For me they don’t leave me feeling fulfilled.  I just remember I enjoyed it at the time but that was about it.  The one thing I do really like about her books though is she really delves into the history and lives of each main character in the book and shows you how their past affects how they are in the present.  I will continue to read Jane Green’s books because sometimes you just need an easy read to cruise through and keep you entertained, and that is exactly what this book accomplishes.


Next book:  Ground Up by Michael Idov


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