Ground Up

Ground Up by Michael Idov features Nina and Mark, a married couple.  Inspired by their European honeymoon and by the advice of a food critic, they decide to open a Viennese style coffeehouse.  The New York City couple quits their careers (Nina a lawyer, Mark writes book reviews), rents space in LES (Lower East Side –yes I learned the lingo from reading the book) and open their dream.  They are rudely awakened to how much hard work goes into running their shop and how it’s not the fairytale they envisioned or the success.   As things go from bad to worse in their business so does their relationship. 

This novel written in the voice of Mark is a humorous view of the journey they took to create and lose their dream in the matter of months.  The experiences are taken from the author’s own attempt to open a coffeehouse, creating a great sense of the true struggles small business owners go through on a daily basis.   This book was a good read with many laugh out loud moments.  I recommend this book to anyone who wants to have their own company one day, as it will offer great insight into the type of people you will work with from landlords to customers to employees, etc..


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