It All Began in Monte Carlo

Whenever I start to write a book review I like to do some research about the book before hand, some might think I would go through this process before reading a book, however I am somewhat backwards, don’t judge.  So you can imagine my delight and surprise when I learned It All Began in Monte Carlo by Elizabeth Adler is part of a series! The series follows Private Investigator Mac Reilly and girlfriend Sunny Alvarez what seems to be all over the world with other titles including There’s Something about St. Tropez, One of those Malibu Nights, and the next book titled The Barcelona Affair. 

As a mystery/suspense and chic lit lover, I am basically getting the best of both worlds in It All Began in Monte Carlo.  I haven’t read the previous books so I can’t go into detail of the relationship of Mac and Sunny, but from what we’re told in this book, Mac repeatedly postpones his wedding to Sunny, and she has had it.  So days before Christmas she boards a plane to Paris with her little dog and tow, with no real plan.  On the plane she meets a handsome man, Eddie Johanssen, soon to be known as Prince Charming, who suggests she goes to Monte Carlo to spend her Christmas. 
Eddie books her a hotel and she starts to settle in at the hotel and is immediately befriended by Kitty Ratte, a prostitute who has seen many years and doesn’t have the same appeal she once had.  Days after her arrival, Mac shows up to get her, however as always, is thrown into an investigation of bank robberies in the area.  The book introduces you to many other characters, some of which are more complex than they seem on the surface.  The complexity of them leaves to many twists and turns throughout and takes the characters all over the world.  It’s a very quick read that kept me wanting to turn the page and wanting to read the other books in this series.



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  1. Jennifer Hilburger


    I do the same thing with researching the book and reading other people’s reviews of the book before I start writing mine. And I always do it after reading the book because I think the book details and other people’s reviews are more interesting (and less likely to prejudice me) after I’m done with the book. 🙂

    – Jennifer (Kelly’s friend)

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