My Guilty Pleasure: Part 2

This is a second posting about Jen Lancaster’s new book, I apologize for the repeat book however Kelly and I are both big fans.  I didn’t read Kel’s review on purpose because I wanted an unbiased opinion before I read the book.  I won’t go through the synopsis of the book because you already know what it’s about.  So here is my opinion. 

This was not Jen’s best book but it wasn’t her worst either.  Did I laugh out loud?  Definitely.  Was it written in her usual witty humor yes, but the stories she tells just aren’t what we know them to be.  I want her books to be as hysterical as Bitter is the new Black but they aren’t.  And I’m starting to wonder, is it because she isn’t as bitter as she used to be???  Maybe its time for a change of pace for Ms. Lancaster.  She states in her new book that she is now contracted to write 2 books a year.  I’m hoping we get to see something other than ‘memoirs’ from her and more fiction stories, and more laughter.



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