Three Junes

First I must apologize for my delay in writing a review.  It’s been a busy few weeks and my latest book took some time to get through.  Three Junes by Julia Glass starts off with Paul McLeod, a recent widower from Scotland who takes a trip to Greece.  He is the father of three, his eldest Fenno and twins David and Dennis.  He falls in love with the country and ends up moving there.  Not before he meets an American student named Fern who is an artist traveling around Italy and Greece.  The first ‘June’ of this book follows Paul’s trip around Greece and his reflection of his life with his wife and whether she was really happy with him.  The second ‘June’ takes place years later and focuses around Fenno who is gay and lives in New York City.  His recent father’s death brings him home to Scotland where he faces his brothers who he feels do not truly understand him because he is gay.  While home his favorite sister-in-law asks for a life changing favor, a favor he knows he was the second choice for.  The story bounces between Fenno’s present life and his past, particularly his last trip to Scotland which involved his closest friend who recently died of AIDS.  The last ‘June’ focuses around Fern, the same girl Fenno’s father met in Greece, who is two years widowed.  She ends up meeting Fenno through a mutual former lover however they are unaware of the connection they have to his father. 

This is all I really have to say about this book.  I found the story somewhat boring and the ending left me feeling completely unsatisfied.  I think the story had a lot more potential than the author allowed.  I wish she had spent more time on reviewing the life of Paul and Fern as most of it revolved around Fenno.  The author left me with a lot of unanswered questions that I wish she had addressed.


Next book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson


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