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Interested in being a guest blogger? One time only or repeat offender? Let us know! This month Anne is taking a stab at the wonderful world of book blogging as a new blogger on our website. You can find out more about her at the top of the page!

After reading Second Chance by Jane Green I was reminded how I enjoy her style of writing and decided to pick up The Beach House, and I wasn’t left disappointed.   It’s the kind of book that starts with multiple characters that are seemingly unrelated, yet by the end fit together like pieces of a puzzle, and you’re almost mad at yourself for not seeing it at the beginning. You follow the lives of a widow and her son, a divorced woman and her 13 year old daughter, and a married couple going through a divorce, and how a beach house in Nantucket brings them all together.  These characters take you through a rollercoaster of emotions, anger, happiness, sadness, hope, relief, teenage angst, betrayal, all while reminding you of the importance of  “family”, whose members sometimes come in the form of complete strangers.

You are exposed to the idea that the result of a traumatic experience in life is something wonderful, and the only way to truly appreciate happiness is to suffer first. These experiences remind you of the dreams, desires, and expectations you had in life, before you got side tracked, before life took off on you, and before you accepted things the way they were when it wasn’t what you wanted.  They allow you to be you again.

This isn’t a self-help book but as someone who went through some rough times over the past seven months, it was just what I need to stay positive and remind myself of what I want in life.



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