Humorous Essays

I’m a pretty big fan of memoirs and was open to the idea of reading a series of 22 essays by humorous author David Sedaris.  When You are Engulfed in Flames is his sixth installment that takes a darker approach to his life experiences.

What I learned from reading this book was that my old preferences still ring true. I like what I like, and this isn’t it. I’ve always had trouble reading from the male perspective, and I found this to be a difficulty again. Lighter topics also grab my attention more, as I read to be entertained and do not enjoy death, sadness, etc. in my reading. There are always exceptions of course, as I’ve reviewed plenty of books this year that are not fluff. But there is always something else appealing about them, such as the setting or variation in characters.

As 2010 comes to a close, I am faced with the decision as to if I will be continuing this blog in the coming year. I’ve recently began a new blog on wellness and want to dedicate some time to that. Also, I am unsure if my book ramblings serve purpose to myself or to the blog world at this time. I set a goal for 2010 and exceeded my expectations, with the help and support of all the readers! In the coming weeks I will make a decision regarding this predicament I find myself in. Merry Christmas!




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  1. Anand

    I say keep it going!

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