Mystery Awaits

A fan of Kate Morton, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the publication of her recent novel The Distant Hours. This book follows the same themes as her others: crisscrossing back and forth throughout time, a wealthy family, a palace, and terrible secrets enveloped in mystery. Although this is what I have come to expect, each of her stories are very different and stand out in their own right.

The book begins with a letter posted in 1941 finally reaching its destination in 1992 with invoking a mystery for the main character, Edie. She learns of elderly twins Persephone and Seraphina and their younger half-sister, Juniper, the three spinster daughters of the late author Raymond Blythe.  The letter is addressed to Meredith, Edie’s mother, then a young girl who was evacuated to their home, Milderhurst Castle, during the Blitz of WWII. Edie, who’s later invited to write an introduction to a reprint of Raymond’s most famous story, visits the three women in search of answers.

This was definitely not my favorite of Kate Morton’s novels, in fact it probably scores last out of the three. It dragged at the beginning and quite frankly the storyline wasn’t as interesting as the others. The ending did provide a surprise though, which was a saving grace. I do admire this author’s descriptive writing skill and ability to weave intricate stories within the main plot. Definitely pick up The Forgotten Garden (one of my all time favorite books) and leave this one for later.



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