I’ve been meaning to read one of Stacey Ballis’s books for a while now because her BFF, author Jen Lancaster, often raves about her. I thought now would be the time since her latest, Good Enough to Eat just came out. Her other novels didn’t really peak my interest but the high rating of this book on the best website ever (Amazon) led me to order it from the library. When it came in, I dropped the other two books I’m currently in the middle of to give it a try. Quite frankly, how could I not with it being October and having a cover like this?   —————————————————->

The main character, Melanie, is shocked when after losing 145 pounds her husband leaves her for a woman her old size. Heartbroken, she throws her energy into the healthy-food café she founded, along with her quirky staff.  Soon after, she’s blindsided by a financial crisis due to her condo association. This leads Melanie to reach out to an eccentric 24 year old woman with a murky past and invite her into her home as a roommate. This creates an interesting dynamic due to the age difference, but the two women grow to become good friends. Woven into the plot are complications due to a new documentary film maker love interest and changes in the lives of her employees.

What a super easy read! It was exactly what I was looking for due to my other book choices as of late. No it wasn’t genius material but it was chick lit-y without being too predictable and the characters were multi-dimensional which can lack in this genre. I almost wouldn’t categorize this as chick lit, but it comes close. Upon finishing the novel, I checked out Stacey’s blog and realized why her and Jen Lancaster are such good friends. They are both freakishly hilarious! Yay Stacey Ballis, you’re a new author to my catalog and a bookmark on my blog folder. (Yes, I have a blog folder.)



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