Book Club Worthy

This novel was voted to be the first read for my newly formed book club that has it’s first meeting in November.  Prayers For Sale by Sandra Dallas blended tragedy with redemption while also maintaining elements of joy and happy endings.

The storyline revolves around 86 year old Hennie and her young newly married friend Nit who has just moved to the Colorado mining town of Middle Swan. The year is 1936 and life is unyielding due to the Great Depression and the hazards of gold mining that affects everyone in the town.  Hennie and Nit form a close friendship due to common experiences in their lives, and Nit comes to enjoy Hennie’s many stories that fill the pages of this book with colorful characters, misfortune and alternatively, strokes of luck and blessings.  As a reader I was quickly drawn into the lives of the people in Middle Swan and it’s courageous heroines.

This was a great read because it lent itself for multiple sittings. Due to the many stories within a story you can read one chapter per night and feel satisfied enough to put it down until the next day. The characters are not only lovable but strikingly authentic. The harsh realities of living in a gold mining camp almost slap you in the face, since we are so far removed from such a dangerous lifestyle today. The twists, turns and surprises made this novel delightful. I really enjoyed it and believe Prayers For Sale leaves a lot for a reading group to talk about so I hope it’s a hit with the others in my club!



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