Another Shopaholic?

I was a little surprised to find out that there would be a SIXTH shopaholic book. I thought the end of the series kind of sailed away after the third, but then there was a fourth, fifth, and now Mini Shopaholic. Let’s face it, the movie for the original book was horrible; It really was an injustice to the first few books. If you have been reading this blog for a while you will see a trend with me. I tend to keep reading books out of obligation to an author, because of so much time spent invested into previous novels. This is why I read Mini Shopaholic, knowing that it probably wouldn’t be in the top 10 books I read this year. I love Sophie Kinsella, especially her stand-alone novels, but to be honest we probably could have said goodbye to Becky Bloomwood Brandon a while ago.

This time Becky is getting into more trouble with her 2 year old daughter Minnie by her side. Minnie is somewhat of a terror, and the family is still living with Becky’s parents after one house purchase after another has fallen through. The plot is centered around planning a surprise birthday party for her millionaire husband Luke, Minnie’s misbehavior, and of course, a promise to stop shopping.

Her antics, as always, slightly mimic those in the “I Love Lucy” show. Quite honestly, I am over it. The character of Becky needs some more development as she ages and a sense of growth/maturity. Lack of this leaves me realizing that I really am reading nonsense. Harsh, huh? I knew it when I started reading it, I knew it while I was reading it, and I will know it when I pick up the SEVENTH novel. Yes, the ending leads the reader to believe there will be another. Who knows though, maybe this one will have more substance like some of the previous titles. I do have an undeniable amount of faith in the author who brought me so many other gems!



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