Why do all my favorite chick lit authors stop writing chick lit and move on to young adult novels for girls, never to been heard from again? Let’s name a few, Sarah Mlynowski, Meg Cabot, Jennifer Sturman… UGH! How frustrating. I truly do not understand this. Do they get tired of the chick lit plot lines? Do they feel the young adult genre is a better market? Is it easier to write on a creative level when your audience are teens facing a plethora of life issues that are just way more interesting? Whatever the reason, I don’t like it. It’s disappointing as a reader and a fan. I feel like these writers give up on adult audiences.

Yeah, I am taking it personally. So what!




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2 responses to “Rant!

  1. Jen

    Eh, don’t hate on YA. It’s a fantastic genre, and has improved much since we were teens. Plus, some of those authors were YA novelists first–meg cabot, for one, wrote stuff under other names long before she got popular as an adult author.

  2. I do love YA! I just don’t like how some authors never write for adult again. Maybe we can pick some juicy YA’s for our book club!

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