Book #50

My 50 book goal was met 3 months early! No, I didn’t slack off reading young adult books these last three posts. I assure you they were all almost 400 pages each! The third book in the Hunger Games trio,  Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins did not leave me disappointed.

Beginning where Catching Fire left off, Mockingjay brings us to the elusive District 13, a place launching a war against the Capitol. Needless to say the Capitol is angry and wants revenge against the citizens, especially against Katniss and her family, who they hold responsible for the unrest. Fast paced, powerful and thrilling, Mockingjay concludes the trilogy leaving the reader emotionally exhausted.

The evolution of the books in this series is probably one of it’s best selling points. what you got in The Hunger Games changed in Catching Fire and ultimately sought out a completely different ending in Mockingjay than originally anticipated. What I believed to be a originally a love story with survival elements ended up being a much more complicated tale about humanity, family, politics and war. The progression of the books seems natural, and I was pleasantly surprised with my enjoyment of the series.

Now what? My students suggested raising the goal to 60 or 75 books for 2010. 75 would probably be pushing it, but I think it’s important to have an objective. This keeps me accountable and reading more! What I will decide is unclear for the moment but I urge blog readers to keep sending recommendations here or on our Facebook page. I am encouraged by all of your support and hope you enjoy reading our postings. In other news, our format has changed for the celebration of fall, the harvest season. Tomorrow is the first official day, celebrate with some cider or buying a pumpkin!



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  1. Jennifer Hilburger

    OMIOGOSH! Already at book 50! Good for you! I’m curious to see what your goal will be next year. 😉

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