A Surprise Second

Faster then I read The Hunger Games, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins was devoured at a rapid pace. As the second book in the trilogy, I felt a sense of investment in the characters that was not there in the first.  This is due to the fact that this installment of the series dedicated a great deal of time to the development of the characters which I felt was well needed.

The book is broken up into three sections. Katniss and Peeta’s tour through the twelve districts, the preparations for the 75th Annual Hunger Games, and finally the Games itself. The reader gets a strong picture of the Capitol’s determination to keep all districts under control, while it is revealed that there are uprisings and rebellions breaking out in various areas. Katniss finds herself in the middle of chaos and imminent danger, as she has unintentionally become a symbol of revolution herself due to her actions in the Games.

Politically charged, Catching Fire illustrates what happens when a tyrannical government inflicts cruel authority and unrelenting poverty over citizens. As second books and movies traditionally end, this one leaves you hanging for the final book. Atypically, I actually liked the second better than the first! I doubt the third will let me down.



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