Strong Characters

If you’re interested in a slightly longer, light read for the end of summer then I do suggest picking up The Fixer-Upper by Mary Kay Andrews. I was in the market for something that would keep me coming back for more, and this book did exactly that. An easy read with short chapters, this book was great for sitting down for a little while and coming back later. This is a contrast to most books where you feel you need to plan out when you are going to take a reading break because the chapters are longer and you want a more obvious stopping point in your reading.

I was initially annoyed by the character’s name, Dempsey Killebrew, as it is well documented that I feel authors nowadays give their characters less common names as if they are paying homage to celebrity children. However, when I kept reading I found out there was more to this first name than originally anticipated. 28 year old Dempsey finds herself in the middle of a political scandal when her boss, a lobbyist, is accused of providing bribes to a Republican senator. To get away from the tabloids and journalists in D.C. she decides to take on a new project until the scandal is officially behind her. Her father inherited a huge but extremely run-down home in rural Georgia and suggests Dempsey renovate it with the intention of “flipping it.” she agrees after realizing she has no other options and heads down south.  She finds that the house is in even worse shape than she thought, and is also surprised by an elderly distant cousin squatting in the house. When the FBI show up at her doorstep, things take a turn for the worse.

This book has a little of everything. Humor, scandal, romance, and the complications of family dynamics. It reminded me that no matter how young or old you are there will always be an importance of knowing your family history and coming to terms with the good and the bad. Mary Kay Andrews has written several highly rated novels and I would encourage checking her out!



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