Chick Lit Readers Unite

Chick lit can be very touch and go. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s predictable, following a traditional format we’ve read over and over. Other times it’s great and also predictable but the characters are so interesting we enjoy the ride anyway.

Kim Gruenenfelder’s A Total Waste of Makeup was the best chick lit I’ve read in a while. This book is laugh out loud funny, and the author has the best elements of classic chick lit wrapped up in a bow. Charlize “Charlie” Edwards is the personal assistant to handsome, successful, and a little bit nutty movie star, Drew Stanton. She lives in Los Angeles in a very nice home and has glamorous friends to go out on the town with. Daughter of parents in the entertainment business, Charlie’s family is more than a little whacky. Finding herself Maid of Honor for her younger sister’s wedding, Charlie is faced with the fact that she is chronically single.

To keep herself entertained and focused, she writes pieces of advice in a journal she is creating for her hypothetical great grandniece. These words of wisdom are highly comedic as well as genuine and truthful. They are scattered throughout each chapter in the text and are probably the best aspect of the book. As Charlie navigates her way through the dramas caused by her boss, parents, sister and her own personal life the reader is laughing the whole time. I found myself thinking that it would be a great made for television movie. Maybe Lifetime will pick it up?

Props to me, I discovered that a sequel was written a few years later entitled Misery Loves Cabernet, which I have ordered from the library. This is a great find because as the story ends, it isn’t completely resolved. It will be great to find out what happens next, and I am pretty sure the sequel is better then most.  This light read was warmly welcomed and a great book to read by the water, dreaming about California.




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2 responses to “Chick Lit Readers Unite

  1. Erica

    OMG – have read this book so many times that 1/3 of the book fell out of the binding!! Awesome awesome book!!

  2. I read this book a few years ago and I was surprised by how much I liked it, it’s excellent and it did not get half the credit it deserves

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