My Love for Jennifer Weiner

I’ve read all of Jennifer Weiner’s books (except her short story novel), and really enjoyed most of them. In college I was swept away by her most popular books, my all time favorites being Little Earthquakes and In Her Shoes. In her years as an author she has evolved into a dependable fantastic read.  Weiner is funny and kind in person too- I met her last summer at a book signing. Needless to say I was excited when Fly Away Home became available to me at my library. Waiting lists can be long, or short depending where you are on the list! My wait was only a week long, and I see why. I read this book in one day! A real page turner, Fly Away Home is another hit.

This time Weiner follows three women, a Senator’s wife, and her two grown-up daughters after an extra marital affair reveals itself in the press. We read about Slyvie, who has always been a devoted wife to her husband, Diana, an uptight, driven ER doctor who is also hiding a shameful secret, and Lizzie, a 24 year old addict just out of rehab. The chapters go back and forth between these three point of views. When authors do this I always find myself left hanging at the end of the chapter, but good authors make the next point of view exciting to get back to. Jennifer Weiner is one of those authors.

This book is extremely relevant when it seems like all we see these days is politicians’ indiscretions on the news. Which brings up the question, is it really any of our business? That being said, Weiner dares to go behind the scenes and give readers her take on the women we see stand behind their husbands on television as they make public apologies. What happens after that televised statement? How do these women deal with the aftermath? How do their families react? A poignant and at times funny read, this book shows a different view sex-scandals, the female side.



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