Reality TV Junkie

Am I a reality television junkie? My husband would probably say yes, as I have been known to enjoy fine entertainment such as Celebrity Rehab and Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D List. (And by “enjoy” I mean DVR religiously.) However I don’t think I could be as bad as it’s possible to be considering how much nonsense is out there for our daily viewing. In my defense I do love Top Chef and Project Runway, some would say “more respectable” reality shows. As I have written before, I do watch the (almost) riveting Tori & Dean on Oxygen. And because I have this not so guilty pleasure, I do read Tori Spelling’s books. Why? Well, because I find a peek into Hollywood life very entertaining. Additionally, Tori Spelling is so brutally honest and real that you feel like you are getting an authentic view of her world and the weird, strange atmosphere of Los Angeles celebrity.

Uncharted Territori (no, we aren’t sick of the puns yet!) is another memoir that speaks to the life and fame of this actress/designer. What I enjoyed about this book was how Tori explains the abnormal life she has while at the same time trying desperately to make it normal. I respect her struggle between being a workaholic, perfectionist and hands-on mother. I also admire her sense of self-awareness when it comes to speaking to the complicated relationships in her life. Her honesty is so forthcoming the reader feels like he/she is speaking to a friend. This book recounts another year in this life of Tori Spelling, including reconciliation with her mother.

If you watch Tori & Dean this book chronicles a lot of the events we saw in last season’s show, but also adds to the experiences with more detail. If you’re a fan, pick it up. It’s better than her second book and is on par with her first. If you’re not a fan you still might like it while you are sitting on the beach this summer with a frozen cocktail in your hand pondering what life might be like if Aaron Spelling was your dad!




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2 responses to “Reality TV Junkie

  1. Jennifer

    I love how many Tori Spelling books you read 😉

  2. It’s sad, isn’t it? I am on the waiting list at the library for Kendra Wilkinson’s book. Now that wil be a fun review to write! -Kelly

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