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Another success for Beth Kendrick! I keep picking up her books randomly, and then realize that I’ve read her others before. (Fashionably Late and NearlyWeds were such good finds!) Anyway,  who would like to go back and live with their girlfriends in their old college town for a while? This is the plot in Second Time Around, however the circumstances are not exactly ideal.

After the death of one of their friends, Anna, Brooke, Cait and Jamie find themselves in an unusual situation. In her will, Arden has left each of them $250,000 to start a new career. Each English majors, they have found themselves settling for work and not living out their dreams. The four thirty-something women relocate to Thurwell College, a small private school in upstate New York to help Brooke open a Bed and Breakfast, which happens to be their old dormitory house.  Other endeavors include event planning, catering, and writing the new great American novel. The plot sounds a little “pie in the sky,” however it brings up an important question. If given the chance, what would you do if you had the opportunity to change your career?

We get to know each woman and problems in their personal lives while they start afresh. Anna has a conflict with a competing baker, Cait finds romance with an old college professor, Jamie is facing an old ghost from her past back at Thurwell and opening a Bed and Breakfast turns out to be a lot harder than Broke originally had planned. This was a very nice story with some twists and turns along the way. It does end very neatly, which I am not necessarily opposed to. Things usually work out for the best in life and I think it’s okay when authors tie up their novels with a happy convenient endings. Great summer reading that left me perfectly satisfied.



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