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We all know someone who has had cancer, or know someone who has dealt with a loved one with this disease. During my recovery I have found myself needing many tools to help me move on. Countless conversations with family and friends, yoga, meditation, therapy, etc. But no one really knows how you feel except someone who has gone through a cancer diagnosis. That is why I decided to read After Cancer Treatment: Heal Faster, Better, Stronger. The author is not only a physician, but a breast cancer survivor. When you are in recovery there are countless emotions you go through, like a ferris wheel, each one coming one after another. I sought out this book to help me deal with my up and down feelings, as well as to seek advice regarding moving on as soon as I can.

Each of the fifteen chapters tackles a different subject: physical healing, getting your life back on track, exercise, food, fatigue, mood monitoring, spirituality, etc.  The author speaks candidly and offers a great deal of advice with an abundance of research and evidence.  The focus of the book is on healing, and the different vehicles it takes to get there. When you receive a cancer diagnosis, it changes your life forever. One needs to make a choice of how you are going to move forward. It takes time, and there are many factors involved.

After reading this book I feel like I don’t need to read the other I borrowed on the subject, but could browse through the parts that I feel apply to me at this time.  I really recommend it to someone who has gone through cancer treatment, or to a loved one who wants to better understand the recovery process.



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  1. bonnie

    I’ll check it out! Thanks kelly

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