Chicklit is for Lovers

Three cheers for Beth Kendrick! Unknowingly, I picked up a second book from this author. (Last year I read her little gem called Nearlyweds and didn’t recognize it was the same author until now.) Fashionably Late is a perfect chick lit read that does not disappoint. 25 year old Becca Davis could have the picture perfect life that many women aspire to attain: a nice (but a little controlling) fiance that her family adores, a new house being built for her and the comfort of security. Too bad she doesn’t want any of it.

After breaking off her engagement with Kevin, Becca flees from Phoenix to Los Angeles to pursue her talent at sewing and become a fashion designer. Her newly married, and newly rich sister Claire takes her into her guest house while Becca designs by day and moonlights as a hostess at an elite restaurant. The plot thickens when the reality of trying to make it in the big city is harder than originally anticipated, her family begins to fall apart and she meets a risk-taking man who is the opposite of her former fiance.

I enjoyed this book because it took a relatively simple premise that many chick lit books have and made it smart, fun, and sophisticated. The characters are believable when they could have easily been cheesy and over-dramatized. It was well written with humor and realistic language, which I always appreciate. It’s a great read for summertime, which is quickly approaching. Beach read power!



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