Simply Sweet

I’ll be honest and tell you I have no idea where this book recommendation came from, but it was probably my usual go-to book haven: I ordered it from the library a few weeks ago and finally took the chance to read it. After my last two emotionally heavy books I definitely needed a lighter read. Table Manners by Mia King was a refreshing page-turner that kept me reading in almost one sitting.

The main character is 40 year old Deidre, a successful businesswoman who is creating her own line of cookie products. The plot twists and turns in a few different directions: her wealthy boyfriend’s sister is plotting against her, she needs to arrange her best friend’s commitment ceremony, another friend suffers a trauma and needs Deidre’s help, the fate of her cookie line is going south, etc.

Mia King’s writing grabs you at once and you fall in love with Deidre and are rooting for her throughout the novel. Even though there are a lot of different things going on at the same time in regards to the plot, the book works. I believe it accurately demonstrates the number of stresses we can all have going on at once in our own lives and in addition gives you a realistic happy ending. Who doesn’t love those once in a while? Bonus: Recipes at the end of the book!

In this coming week I will be having major surgery, which means for a while now I will most likely continue to post about lighter, more fun reads. Translation: Bring on the chick lit! I thought I’d give you fair warning. 😉



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