Age 10 and Divorced

The subtitle of this book catches your attention immediately. How could it not? I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced, is a story that does only raise awareness about women’s and children’s rights on a global level, it’s a story about bravery, hope and flat-out determination to take back a child’s life.

Ten year old Nujood Ali is married off to a man three times her age with the agreement that he does not touch her until reaches puberty, and that she is allowed to play with other children and lead a good life. Unfortunately, this is not the case. What transpires is a horror that is so inconceivable that when you are reading it you think that you are reading a piece of fiction about ancient times in a far away land. In reality the year is 2008 and the setting is the country of Yemen, in the Middle East.

Nujood flees her situation, finds a court, seeks out a judge and demands a divorce. The book outlines Nujood’s life of ten years and explains how and why a child this young does commonly end up in this situation in this part of our world. The story is from her point of view as told to author Delphine Minoui. I found it to be extremely eye-opening and definitely worth reading. As Americans it is very easy to think about these crimes against children and women to be unbelievable, almost abstract. But it’s important to remember that is DOES happen and we need to raise awareness and educate ourselves to put an end to this needless suffering. Only when we, as humans, demand action movement transpires.



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