Where do you buy books?

With so many different options out there, where do you go to find and purchase your latest literary conquest? There are so many options:

  • The Internet (Amazon, B&N, etc.)
  • Good old fashioned bookstores (Borders, B&N, Walden’s, independent shops.)
  • Used bookstores
  • Library sales
  • Value stores (Target, Walmart)
  • Supermarket

Personally, it depends on how much time I have, how fast I want/need the book and how much I want to spend. I really enjoy buying books from Amazon, due to price and convenience, however my favorite place to learn about new books is the good old fashioned bookstore. I love wandering around Barnes and Noble in particular because of the endless options and genres. I always hit the bargain book area first, then mill around the featured tables in the main aisles. I’ll check out genres I don’t usually gravitate towards just in case there is something interesting that may catch my eye. Eventually I find myself in the fiction or history section. Sometimes I’ll pick up a book, sit in a cozy chair and read a few pages and then ultimately put it back for the next browser. What is funny about my visits to bookstores is that I can spend a few hours there but most of the time leave with one book or sometimes even empty handed.

Wherever you decide to purchase books, take a hint from me. Read the first page or two before heading up to the cashier. If you feel like turning the page again, it’s a good sign you may want to invest your money into it. 🙂



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