Catalog Your Own Reading

I’ve belonged to the goodreads website for three years now and love being able to record  and rate the books I have read. This website allows you to create your own personal online library with different bookshelves in various categories. For example, I have created bookshelves for different genres and also for the year that I read the particular book. When I log on my account I can see all of my books and their subcategories. It gives me a nerdy sense of self and accomplishment when I add another book onto my 2010 shelf and see how I am progressing.

Another great thing this site has to offer is that users can create their own groups of book suggestions and discussions. For example, I am part of  a Chicklit group. You can also link your page to friend’s pages and see what they are reading. Facebook also has a goodreads application if you wanted to check that out.

When I first created my account in 2007 I racked my brain for every book I had read so I could rate it and add it to a shelf. You don’t have to do this tedious task, I found it fun in my own nerdy way. I recommend just starting from where you are comfortable with and continue adding books as you read them. I really like being able to type in a book and see what other people think of it. I can’t always rely on Amazon ratings! When you have the time, check this website out and see if it’s something you’d enjoy or could use as another tool for finding new books. It’s FREE!




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2 responses to “Catalog Your Own Reading

  1. Jen

    I am still amused that we were friends on Goodreads before we met in person! What a coinkydink.

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