Fan Recommendations: We love them!

The Lost Recipe for Happiness by Barbara O’Neal was suggested by a fan on our Facebook page. I started reading it thinking I would just read it for a little while and ended up finishing it in one day! I love when this happens. Anyway, the recommendation was great because this book was just what I needed: a happy distraction. Elena Alvarez was in a horrible car accident when she was a teenager, leaving her body scarred and pinned together. This event still haunts her as she lives her life as a talented high-end chef. She is offered her dream job: move to Aspen, Colorado to open a new restaurant called the Orange Bear totally of her own style and creation of southwestern food.

The characters are realistic and described very well by the author. You meet the other people hired to run the Orange Bear as well as the owner, a famous director with an interest and talent in opening restaurants. The book does shift to other points of view, but mainly we see things through the eyes of Elena. A woman in a man’s world, she has to prove herself time and time again as executive chef. Every few chapters the author includes a recipe, which also connects with the content. I particularly liked how the author was able to make me relate to Elena’s tragedy and how it effected her emotionally and physically throughout her life.

I definitely suggest reading this book, so if you have a to-read list, add it on asap.



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