Must Read Beach Book

I came across this gem from the Amazon’s bestseller list where 157 people agreed that this was a 4.5 star book. I usually believe Amazon readers, so I eagerly downloaded it to my Kindle. I’ve been reading light and fluffy lately, and Perfect on Paper: The Misadventures of Waverly Bryson falls into this category. I was hooked when I read that the author wrote this book for any woman who has ever had a really bad date or realized halfway through the work day that her skirt is on backwards. The book is about a single girl in San Francisco who is trying to figure out life in her late 20’s. The main character, Waverly, dumped by her fiance right before their wedding finds navigating the world of dating after this devastating event to be challenging but also extremely amusing.  She goes through one bad date after another, leaving the reader laughing the whole time. Another element of the book is her work as a publicist for a marketing firm, as Waverly finds herself at odds with another female co-worker. To keep herself amused and her spirits high, she spends her spare time writing “Honey Cards”, a self-deprecating line of greeting cards to encourage single girls. Her tidbits of wisdom begin every chapter and also within the text. I thought that this gave the book a little something extra special to keep me reading.

{Side rant: something I noticed lately while reading so many books is that many authors give their characters atypical names. In Perfect on Paper you happen to meet not only Waverly, but McKenna and Andie (not as odd but also not ordinary). I think that we could relate better without the tribute to celebrity baby names. }

This really is a must read for this summer’s beach bag or even a weekend book to lift your spirits and keep you smiling. It reminded me that you can’t control where life takes you, but when you stay positive good things really will come your way.


PS. You can get Honey Notes here.


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