Love Inspired Suspense

I didn’t even know this was a sub-genre, but apparently it is! I was browsing the freebies for the Kindle and Hide In Plain Sight by Marta Perry popped up. Not my typical choice of book, but I thought I would give it a try, as I like suspense and romance as much as the next person.  What particularly interested me was the Amish Pennsylvania setting because I haven’t had a good dose of the Amish since viewing the Harrison Ford thriller Witness. What is it about the Amish that inspires criminal activity? Probably the fact that nothing could be farther from the truth.

It’s the first in a trilogy called The Three Sisters Inn. When she finds out her sister Rachel has been injured, the main character, Andrea, must leave her fast paced life in the big city to go help her grandmother and sister get ready for the opening of their inn. After a string of accidents Andrea realizes that someone does not want the inn to open at all,  and will stop at nothing to make sure of this.Who is there to help her reveal the truth? Grandma’s attractive (of course) boarder Cal who has a secret of his own.

It’s a little cheesy and follows a relatively predicable formula, but I liked this book anyway because it was entertaining and an easy read. Some more explanation of Amish culture would have suited the book, and the reader is never clear why Andrea’s family doesn’t strictly follow the Amish way of life, even though they have lived there for generations. Will I read the others in the trilogy? I am tempted!



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