Guilty Pleasure

One of my very bad habits is to go to the library, scour the shelves, and then leave with an excessive amount of books that I will never read within the three-week lending period. I have done this since I was a child, but the difference is that back then I probably did read most of them. There are two things to ponder here. First, why can’t I read as many books as I once used to? Second, why do I continue to leave the library with more books than I know I can handle?

Well, time is most likely the answer to the first question, although I do have more reading time than I utilize. Television, internet, and other nonsense does distract me at home and lures me away from my reading goals. I also probably read faster when I didn’t have a full time job, after school commitments and someone else making my dinner and doing the household chores. (Thanks Mom!)

The answer to the second question is more thoughtful. Do I simply just enjoy the task of discovering new books and roaming around the library? Is just being inside the library exciting to me so I try to sty longer by finding more books to add to my pile? Does leaving the building with a stack of worn books leave me with a self-satisfying feeling? The answers are yes, yes, and definitely!

I suppose it’s not such a bad thing then, but maybe I am robbing other readers of potential books when I take too many than I can handle. Does anyone else have this problem? Do I try to curb this vicious little habit and become a more responsible loaner? Or do I just do what makes me happy and fill my up my bag with as many literary gems as I desire?




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2 responses to “Guilty Pleasure

  1. Anand

    Is “other nonsense” referring to me?

  2. I do this all the time. Go to the library, roam around for an hour or so and come home with a pile of books that stay in that pile until I take them home. lol. I think it’s just being in the library, the whole ambiance of it that I like. I should probably leave the books there for someone who will read them too. lol.

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