Plum lovin’?

If anyone is a fan of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich you have been eagerly waiting her to make the series into a movie. Well I’m so happy to say that time has come!!! One for the Money will be the first book to be made into a movie. So which Hollywood starlet will be the feisty bond enforcement officer Stephanie Plum?? None other than Katherine Heigl. Yes, Katherine Heigl. What a disappointment. She is just simply not what I picture when thinking of the short, brown haired, Stephanie from New Jersey. Some people are saying it should be Sandra Bullock, which is definitely a possibility. There were early reports of Reese Witherspoon, who would also be a disappointment. The question is who would I pick? Well I’m not entirely sure, but I can tell you Katherine Heigl is not it. I will tell you who I would pick as Ranger, and that would the rock hard body of Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” can you say yummy??? And Betty White is a near shoe in for Grandma Mazur. Queen Latifah as her side kick Lula. Maybe I should be in charge of casting or Evanovich should at least be involved, as she says she wont be.

I have never seen a movie that has been as good as the book if not better. My most recent disappointment was My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Is there anyone out there that has read that book and saw the movie and found it enjoyable? I have yet to find anyone. Why does Hollywood need to constantly ruin great books by making them into movie? Is there a movie out there that you think is a great depiction of a book you’ve read? Or is there a movie that was better than the book? Regardless of all of this, I’m sure all of the Stephanie Plum fans hope they don’t ruin everything that is so wonderful about this series of books.




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4 responses to “Plum lovin’?

  1. Caitlin

    Ew, Katherine Heigl? Really? She’s too… meek and classy, and I don’t think she’s a good enough actress. Sandra Bullock would be so much better – it’d kind of be like an extension of her character from Miss Congeniality.

    Sideways – the movie was better than Sideways – the book. That said, Anne, I completely agree with your comment “Why does Hollywood need to constantly ruin great books by making them into movie?” I ask myself that allllllllll the time. I’m convinced it’s because too many people don’t read, and at this point just wait for the movie. It’s visual CliffNotes.

  2. The only movie I have seen that is anywhere nearly as good as the book is Where the Heart Is. Shutter Island was also decently done. Vast majority are disappointments though! -Kelly

  3. Raseeka

    ‘The Namesake’ was a pretty good rendition of the book….or as good as I’ve ever seen. I hear`’Fight Club’ is an excellent rendition.

  4. Yes Caitlin! Catherine Heigl so disappointing. hopefully she’ll read the series and understand the character.

    on another note i think Atonement was pretty dead on compared to the book and actually enjoyed it

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