How many pages until you quit?

Just out of curiousity, how many pages of a book do you not enjoy until you quit reading it?  I know this happens to everyone, but you suck it up and you continue reading with the hopes it will get better.  I’m currently on page 24 of a 200 page book, roughly 10% through it, and have yet to enjoy one thing the author has written.  Now for the sake of this blog do I suffer through the remaining 90%, or do I have permission to quit.  Or do I need to at least make it to 25%….thoughts?

-Quietly Suffering.



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5 responses to “How many pages until you quit?

  1. Aly

    I’ll usually go up to page 50 or so and if I’m just not feeling it, that’s usually where I throw in the towel if it’s just not doing anything for me…

  2. anne

    haha another 25 pages it is!! thanks aly

  3. Jen

    I read an equation the other day that seemed neat–subtract your age from 100, and that’s the number you should try to read before giving up. Seems reasonable. I usually recommend 50 to my patrons, but life is too short.

  4. Anne

    Ok I made it to page 51. For a book that is suppose to be funny I haven’t laughed once!

  5. Raseeka

    Instead of pages, I try to do 2 chapters.

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