Plane Reading

A lot of people like to sleep while traveling on planes and I bet I would be one of them–but I can NEVER drift off to play with the sandman.  Even on red eyes, I find myself very jealous of all the sleepers I see on my flights and wonder what it would it be like to all of a sudden wake up and be at my destination. Alas, this never happens.  Therefore I like to be extremely prepared for my plane trips with several different reading materials. Wouldn’t want to run out, like I did when I was trapped in a plane in London for 9 hours several years ago!

The trip I am taking today is no different. Armed with my Kindle and one book (can’t use the Kindle during departure and landing which is a total bummer) I feel ready for a good 6-7 hour total of plane reading.

What am I bringing? Well the book is a recommendation from blog reader Caitlin, My Latest Grievance, another by author Elinor Lipman. I also took advantage of downloading some free books for the Kindle. I like to find free books with high ratings. This time I chose Talk of the Town by Lisa Wingate and the Apothecary’s Daughter by Julie Klassen. I won a People Puzzler Crossword book from the school book fair, so I am bringing it along for reading breaks.

I vow not to buy a magazine for the plane ride! (Unless there is a good story on the cover of People Magazine this week, of course.)



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