I had read-and loved- several of Melissa Senate’s novels (See Jane Date, The Solomon Sisters Wise Up, The Breakup Club, Love You To Death) so I had a very good feeling I was going to enjoy her latest, The Secret of Joy.  I liked it so much, I read it in two evenings! The main character, Rebecca has just lost her father to cancer, and on his deathbed he reveals to her that he had an affair many years ago. An affair that produced another daughter.  He goes on to ask Rebecca, an only child who always wanted a sibling, to deliver the 26 letters he wrote to his child.  A letter for every birthday. The setting moves to small town Maine, where  Rebecca tracks down her half-sister, only to find she wants nothing to do with her. The story continues from there, as Rebecca finds out more about her new family, her father, and herself.

It’s an easy read with realistic characters and a emotionally driven plot. I usually tend to like books set in New England, as the surroundings are easier to picture with my imagination while reading. This book mixed drama, romance and humor perfectly. Exactly what I look for when choosing a new read. Three cheers for Melissa Senate again!



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