Lightning Strikes Again

At the request of my students, I read the Lightning Thief. (What a deal, only $6 on the Kindle instead of waiting months for it at the library.) They told me it was just as good as Harry Potter, but of course not anywhere near as good as Twilight. Well sixth-graders, I’d have to disagree! Although the book was enjoyable to read, it was hard to ignore the obvious and countless parallels to the Harry Potter storyline. 12 year old Percy finds out he has certain mystical powers and the story unfolds from there. He goes to a summer camp to teach him his trade instead of a school of wizardry, he is joined by both a male and female friend, he is sent on a quest to battle someone way more powerful than he, etc. etc. etc. The main difference, however, was that this book was centered on Greek mythology as opposed to witchcraft and wizardry, which was an interesting spin.  If you know a lot about the Greek gods and goddesses, or if you want to know more, then it is a nice book to pick up. The language of the book is appealing to young adults, as Percy is quick witted and has clever one-liners. The book is first in a series of books that chronicle another year of his life at camp. (Another Harry Potter similarity.) I’m not quick to get the second book but I also am interested in seeing what happens next. The movie is currently out in the theaters, and I am guessing that the special effects would help make it a success. Who doesn’t want to see Medusa get her head cut off on the big screen?




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2 responses to “Lightning Strikes Again

  1. Jen

    Ug, I’m slogging through this one. I want to see the movie, so I’ll try to finish it, but I’m not compelled. I can see why kids would like it, but it’s not my cup of tea. And I loved HP.

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