Food Rules

There is a lot of literature out there telling us what to eat and what not to eat. It is overwhelming to take in all of that information! In Food Rules Michael Pollan gives the reader a simple phrase that cuts to the chase. “Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not too Much.” This is a short guide setting simple rules one can follow to get on the path to thinking consciously about what we put in our bodies. By food, Pollan means whole foods-nothing with additives, chemicals, etc. Mostly plants obviously refers to the fruits and veggies which should be the main staple of our diet. He doesn’t necessarily promote strict vegetarianism, but instead eating meat (the organic kind- no hormones or antibiotics) a few times a week. And well, we definitely shouldn’t consume too much of anything.  The rules are practical, some are funny, and they all relate back to the main concept of the book.

I like this guide for a few reasons. First off, Pollan makes sense. He doesn’t try to shove of his opinions down your throat, and the reader gets a little history along with his rules. Second, the rules are, for the most part, quite easy to follow. I went into my regular grocery store this weekend and was able to follow his rules almost 100% without discomfort. I actually surprised myself! Lastly, the reader gets the feeling that Pollan truly cares about shifting our food focus back to the way our great grandmothers cooked. You don’t feel like he is just trying to sell a book.  I put this one down actually excited about cooking this week!




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2 responses to “Food Rules

  1. Combine this with eating locally as much as possible, and you’ve got just about the perfect diet. =)

  2. Love your post. This is great information, and I’m really glad I found it. Keep up the awesome work.

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