My Love Affair With the Kindle

Let me start off by saying how against e-readers I was when the Amazon Kindle came out. I was horrified, even outraged! Technology has gone too far, I thought. I love holding a book with a beautifully smooth brand new cover; I also love holding a tattered library book. Another electronic device? There is a war being raged against literature! Needless to say, I was panicked.

Then my mother bought me one for Christmas last year. She was so proud of the purchase, as I am an avid reader and it was a tremendously thoughtful gift. So of course I was grateful and knew I had to put aside my prejudices and embrace this new gadget. Within hours, I was hooked! Here’s why:

It’s Convenient: For people like me who love instant gratification, being able to choose a book without going out of the house is amazing. I can finish a book and download a new one right away! If I see a book advertised  in a magazine or on tv, I can get it without any wait. If I am on vacation and need a new book while I am on the beach, no problem!

It’s Cost Effective: Sure, you have to shell out the money at first but in the long run it’s a money saver. Most books are $9.99 and some are even less. Can’t beat that!

It’s a Space Saver: I ran out shelf space a long time ago. By becoming attached to my books I could have had my own library. With e-readers that definitely isn’t a problem!

It’s Perfect For Travel: You don’t have to worry about lugging a stack of books on your next vacation. On my honeymoon I read 5 books by the pool in Mexico and didn’t have to worry about having the room to pack them or their weight making my bags heavier. Sweet deal!

Free Books! The rumours are true. Many books are free! I love poking around the Kindle website and seeing what’s free of cost. There are always some goodies.

Newspapers/Blogs: Subscribe and get your issues mailed to you daily!

Basically what I realized was that e-readers aren’t meant to replace books, they are just another way to make reading more accessible. I love my Kindle, but I also love my Barnes & Noble and local libraries too. So flirt with the idea of an e-reader. You might surprise yourself!



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  1. My kids chipped in and got me one for Christmas and, like you, it didn’t take me long to get hooked! I thought I’d hate it but, no way!

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