Across a Hundred Mountains

I have strong opinions on most political issues, however Mexican immigration is one that I hadn’t (probably still haven’t) put my finger on quite yet. Across a Hundred Mountains puts faces to this controversial topic, pulling your heartstrings every step of the way. If you have done any traveling in Mexico, you have seen the devastating poverty people live in and it is certainly not a pretty sight. I have been to three different areas in the country, including Mexico City. The city is a beautiful one, and despite the fore warnings, I found it to be not any more dangerous than any other major city I have traveled in. In fact, that trip is one of my favorites. People in Mexico are authentic. They are hardworking. They are vibrant and full of life. They are deeply religious. And most of the population lives among conditions we in the United States would call pitiful.

Our country was established by immigrants and has a rich history of migration. This melting pot has brought us the culture we enjoy so much today: music, food, clothing, literature, art, politics, the list goes on.  Am I saying we should open the border to everyone who wants to come here? Of course not. But I believe it’s important to remember where we came from while we seek out we’re we are going. To put faces to these people in impoverished nations; read their stories both non-fiction and fiction. And to continue to give people hope for a better life because after all, I think that is what we all are working towards-and always have been.



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  1. This just might be my next download! Love the title!

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