Author Spotlight: Jen Lancaster

That’s me and my friend Val meeting Jen Lancaster a few summers ago. In one word, we were ECSTATIC! All ready to meet her in our polo shirts (Jen has a Lacoste fetish) we were in heaven at our very own Boston Borders Bookseller. What makes Jen Lancaster so fabulous? She is absolutely hilarious. Her debut memoir, Bitter Is the New Black, had me laughing out loud the whole time. Her follow-up books are also must-reads, especially her chronicle regarding her weight loss battle, Such a Pretty Fat. Jen makes every day life comical with an incredible wit. One of my favorite aspects of her writing is her use of footnotes within the text.  I was very pleased to find out her latest is out on the shelves May 4th! Hopefully My Fair Lazy lives up to her hysterical legacy. If you enjoy memoirs and you like to laugh this lady is for you.  I get my Jen fix at her blog in between books.



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