Sarah’s Key

What a wonderful, emotional, powerful read this was. I started at 9:45PM with the intent of reading a few chapters and instead finished the whole book by 11:45PM! Needless to say it was a page-turner.  The book goes back and forth between a ten year old Jewish girl in Paris who has been arrested and sent to a concentration camp, and woman journalist in modern day France who is seeking information about the 1942 Vel’ d’Hiv roundup of Jewish families in Paris.

Reading about the tragedy of the Holocaust and its aftermath is surreal; I simply cannot even imagine the horrors that these people endured. What would I have thought, felt, had to bare if I were in the shoes of these people during the Nazi occupation? While I was reading this novel I found myself wondering this and then shutting out the thoughts immediately. It is just unthinkable. And on the other hand, would I have been courageous enough to aid or even hide those in need if I had the chance? I hope so.

I am grateful for Sarah’s Key and the countless other novels on this topic. The holocaust is not something that should fade as time goes on; it should remain fresh, reminding us of the cruelty and ignorance of prejudice. It should also remind us of the bravery and goodness in people who risked their lives to save others. We all have this goodness inside of us, but thankfully we do not have to demonstrate it to that level.  But, be assured that it is there.




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2 responses to “Sarah’s Key

  1. I read this book last summer and absolutely loved it but hated the circumstances it portrays. It certainly is a page turner.

    Great Review!

  2. Thanks for the review! Another title added to my To Be Read pile…

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