Reader’s Block

Readers-block: When you cannot, for the life of you, pick up a book and read it.

I experience reader’s block every so often. It can happen after reading a really good book or a really bad one.  Nothing can live up to the gem you just read, or you’re afraid that the next one is going to be a piece of crap again and waste more of your precious time.  It can also happen because you’ve recently OD’ed on novel after novel and need a break. Presently, I just cannot muster up the concentration to read the two books I have waiting for me on my coffee table. Could be laziness, could be that I’ve just been in the mood for tv, internet and other brain-suckers.  However the first step is admitting you have a problem, and then you need to take some action!

If you suffer from reader’s block here are a few suggestions to get your butt in gear:

1. Go back and read an old favorite.

2. Read a magazine to warm yourself up to concentrating for shorter periods of time. Then you can move up from there.

3.  Switch the book you presently cannot bring yourself to read. Another genre might be the ticket!

4. Browse the library or bookstore. I find just being around books can be inspirational.

5.  Watch television for a while. If I zone out properly I can redirect my mind easily afterward.

6. Jump over the hurdle and pick up the book anyway. Try a few pages and see what happens!

7. If all else fails, take a reader’s break. You might really need one!

What will I do? Well I think I began on #7 so it might be time to move to #6!



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