Darcy’s Disappointment

Mr. Darcy’s Diary was pretty much as I expected. It wasn’t a phenomenal but it was entertaining and a relatively easy read, even with the language. This work of fanfiction was hit or miss throughout my reading of it. There were some high points and some lows. Readers know the Pride & Prejudice story, and it was definitely interesting to hear Mr. Darcy’s side of the classic novel. However, the character repeats himself too much throughout the book and it can sometimes take a cheesy turn… especially at the end. I found myself wondering why the book kept continuing on after the resolution occurred. It dragged out!

How hard could writing this kind of book can be when the storyline is already laid out for you? The format was there for the author to copy; What needed to be addressed was Mr. Darcy’s feelings, thoughts, and reasoning for his actions- and it needed to be done well. This is where the book fell short. However,  it also must be challenging to go up against Jane Austen and deliver something even remotely to that level. Good for you for trying Amanda Grange, but I think the final product still needed a lot of work.

Next up: Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosney



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  1. anne

    well i wont read that..when are u doing the cheesey romance novel?

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