Get out of your comfort zone!

I was extremely reluctant to read the Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society because it was written as a series of letters. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy that style, however I was pleasantly surprised. The book was great and one of my favorites of all time. The thing about books written as letters, emails, or journal entries is that they include dialogue, which in reality would not normally be done. When we sit down to write to someone or in our journal, we’re not describing events with what exactly was said in a particular situation.  However, if that was not done in a novel the text would be kind of boring. To an extent there is artistic license going on.  So I see the point of including dialogue, but I don’t know what I think about these letter and journal styles because they aren’t truly letters or journal entries and they also don’t follow the traditional book format.  I suppose that might be the point, it’s a different approach all together. I am one-third into Mr. Darcy’s Diary, which is a series of journal entries reflecting the same events in Pride & Prejudice. More on that book later.

One of the reasons why I love writing this blog is because I really do take the time to think through certain topics and reflect on a deeper level. For example, I would have never given much thought to this type of writing style and my feelings on it until writing about it now. Oooh, a-ha moment! Are these types of books a different reading experience? Absolutely. Do I recommend reading books with these formats? Definitely.



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