Book One: Done and Done!

After finishing Jane Eyre late Sunday night, I needed a few days to think on how I felt about the book.  When I finished I was like, “Yes! I read it in 3 days.” However, I think I could have given it more serious reflection WHILE I was reading it. Sometimes when a book is really good or not so good we can rush through it, which happened a little bit with this novel. At first because it was so dull, but also the more interesting parts were real page turners! Do I recommend Jane Eyre? Sure, it obviously has literary merit– it is a classic! But it’s not an “easy read” and takes time to comprehend the language.  So, don’t put it in your beach bag but if you want to challenge your mind and delve into multidimensional characters then try it out. What Jane Eyre did do for me was open my mind to perhaps reading other oldies but goodies.

So what’s next? I need some recommendations–FAST! What would you like to curl up to on a cold New England night?




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3 responses to “Book One: Done and Done!

  1. Good luck ladies with the reading! XOXOXO

  2. Raseeka

    It astounds me that you finished reading Jane Eyre in 3 days. Amazing! I totally relate to reading too fast when you like something and not reading reflectively and deliberately.

    My classics recommendation is ‘North and South’ by Elizabeth Gaskell. It’s in the same vein as (most) Austen books. I read it in high school and remember liking it. I actually brought my old high school copy back from India because I want to re-read it.

    Also, I love the website and concept for your blog. I’m all subscribed and look forward to e-mail updates!

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