Mr. Rochester: A Byronic Hero

Well, she’s right. I am almost halfway done Jane Eyre, over 300 pages into it. Let’s just say that the beginning of this book is very slow. However it does pick up (thank goodness) and I am enjoying it more.

Short literature lesson! Edward Rochester is categorized as a byronic hero, coming from the works of Lord Byron. This led me to do some research  considering I have no clue what that meant!

Characteristics of a Byronic hero:
A distaste for social institutions and norms
Cunning and ability to adapt
“Dark” attributes not normally associated with a hero
Emotionally conflicted, bipolar tendencies, or moodiness
High level of intelligence and perception
Mysterious, magnetic, and charismatic
Power of seduction and attraction
Self-critical and introspective
Self-destructive behavior
Sophisticated and well-educated
Troubled past

Byronic heroes are also in contemporary works, the most famous being Batman!




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2 responses to “Mr. Rochester: A Byronic Hero

  1. So glad to know there is a word that turns my ex-boyfriends into heroes.

  2. Bonnie

    Heh. I never knew that! Very interesting. Never read a lick of Brontë either.

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