Day 3, Chapter 3

Ambitious may be an understatement.  50 books, starting with Jane Eyre…what was I thinking?  I can almost guarantee that Kelly is at least 10 chapters ahead of me at this point.  It’s like college all over again.  While Cara runs around town making far more social engagements than she has hours in the day for, Kelly manages to stay on top of responsibilities.  Despite my somewhat irresponsible leanings toward all things social, I am very much looking forward to the challenge of 50 books, and quite excited that we decided to tackle a classic on our first go.  And really, how bad could it be?  Three chapters in (okay, my bookmark is on the first page of chapter 3) we already have a Cinderella story of sorts unfolding…I can only imagine a happy ending is in store for me.  Here’s to a new year and an old book!




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